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In order to grow in our understanding of the moral and ethical principles of our Catholic Faith. We seek to engage and live our call to holiness, to grow in our love of God, and to support one another as faithful Catholics.

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Welcome Health Care Professionals to the Cleveland Guild of the Catholic Medical Association!

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The Pulse Archive - Catholic Medical Association Upholding the Principles of the Catholic Faith in the Science and Practice of Medicine

  • What Catholic Social Teaching Says About the...

    Part One: The Effects of Reproductive Technologies and Research on the Human Embryo By Angela Lanfranchi MD, FACS   According to Catholic Social Teaching, we are called to revere all human life in […]

  • Artificial Intelligence: Preserving Human Dignity...

      Listen to Dr. Marie-Noelle Langan, a cardiac electrophysiologist, address her upcoming presentation on Artificial Intelligence at CMA’s Annual Educational Conference (click on the photo […]

  • CMA Doctors Meet and Serve on Mission in...

    By Dr. Ellen Dailor Catholic physicians Drs. Brian and Robyn Jennings, Peter Meade and Ellen Dailor all arrived at Karoli Lwanga Hospital in Nyakibale, Uganda in May. Family physicians with an […]

  • Partial Win in the FDA v AHM Supreme Court Case

    By Nadia Smith There are two key takeaways to celebrate as a result of the FDA v Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine case despite the disappointing decision of the Supreme Court. One is that the FDA […]

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